Fleshlight Add-Ons

Get Your Hands On A Male Vibrator

A male vibrator (i.e. a vibrator that’s designed specifically for men) is the next logical step for any guy who masturbates a lot. You’re either jerking off with your hand or have your cock inside a Fleshlight, and you’re now looking for a new level of stimulation to the nerves of your hard penis. I’m going to... Read More »

Fleshlight Shower Mount Review

So basically the Fleshlight Shower Mount is for guys who like to have sex in the shower, and want to recreate or simulate the experience. Simple as that. You like the feeling of fucking some babe while hot (or cold) water is pouring down onto your dick and her pussy. In short, sex in the... Read More »

Aneros MGX – Male G-Spot Stimulator

Okay so you think you’re a pretty sexually liberated male? You read up on reviews and did some research, you got your Fleshlight, maybe a cock ring or two and of course you love to watch porn. If you’re married or have a girlfriend you like to kink things up in bed. You spice things... Read More »

Fleshlight Vibro Sleeves Discount

Here’s a Fleshlight Discount offer for all those vibrating Fleshlight fans and wannabes out there. While stocks last (and believe me they’re serious about that) Fleshlight are offering their Original Vibro Sleeve as well as the kinky Vibro Cyclone Sleeve for $34.95. This is a Fleshlight discount from the original price of $49.95, which is... Read More »

Vibrating Fleshlight

If you’re looking to enhance your Fleshlight experience, then getting a vibrating Fleshlight is the next level up towards increasing the feelings of intensity and heightened sensation while masturbating . Fleshlight have introduced vibrating Fleshlight models that are similar to other Fleshlight superskin orifices and textures in every way except that they have a special... Read More »

Fleshlight Hands Free Mounts Guide

Think of Fleshlight Mounts as hands-free kits. You like pumping away at the Fleshlight but you don’t feel like using your hands. Think of it another way – you want to recreate the experience of the ‘real thing’, i.e. sex with a women in various kinky positions, and besides it feeling real, you want the... Read More »