Alien Fleshlight Review

alien fleshlight side profile

Fleshlight have recently relaunched the Alien Fleshlight, which looks ultra-cool (I’ll avoid the ‘out of this world’ cliches here), and is designed to provide a unique fleshturbating experience. Personally I love it when Interactive Life Forms come out with a collectible Fleshlight, not because I want to safeguard it in a drawer for future generations and never use it, but just because it’s different, unique and fun to try out.

So I (naturally) got hold of the alien fleshlight, and thought it only fair to tell of my experiences with it.

Visually Appealing

alien fleshlight

The alien fleshlight looks very appealing because it comes in a blue case, and has what they call a ‘pearlescent’ sleeve (as per the image above).

As you can just from the looks alone it’s different to the rest of the fleshlight models (and a non-Fleshlighter wouldn’t know what the hell it is).

The Vortex

When you pass through the orific, you will get tingled by thick tubes. If you’re not horny to start with, these will definitely give you some massage action.

The Lotus Node

And when you move your penis through the lotus node, it will provide you with a ‘popping’ feeling in your member. I’ve tried it and it does exactly what it says it will. The whole point of the node is to recreate the feeling of passing through the female cervix, and some say it’s actually better than the real thing (I slightly disagree but it still feels damn good).

The Alien Fleshlight Texture

Now when you enter the main area of the alien fleshlight, you’ll experience bumps, very similar to what you would feel with the Stamina Training Unit. These bumps, as you can see in the picture above, are designed to massage your penis into an orgasmic stupor, but it’s really hard to describe the sensation on your most sensitive area of your penis. Again I’ll avoid the cliches and just say it feels fantastic.

Summing it up

So as you can hear from my descriptions, there’s a lot of different things going on in that sleeve, where the result is greater than the parts. I had fun trying it, and that’s the best way I can sum it up: it’s a lot of good dirty fun. It makes a great addition to other fleshlight models you may already have, and if you’re a Fleshlight novice, then I’d suggest trying one of the more standard models first. But if you want to try something different, the alien fleshlight is well-worth the price.


Here’s a final video to get you in the mood:

You can purchase the Alien Fleshlight directly through this link.