Fleshlight modifications

New and veteran Fleshlight fans and users alike will be amazed at the quality and design features of the Fleshlight and its case. But there is always room for improvement, and the Fleshlight is no exception.

There are many ways to modify the Fleshlight so as to improve on the design and your use and satisfaction. The idea of being able to modify male sex toys is a new aspect of male masturbation that the Fleshlight has discovered. Starting with customers who wanted to improve the design and functions of the Fleshlight, Fleshlight Modifications have became a great way to appeal to men who are into using tools and “are good with their hands” (in more than one way!).

The Fleshlight comes in a outer shell called the case, and this has been not only a great idea but an aspect of the Fleshlight that men can modify to their liking. To start with, the end cap of the Fleshlight has been focused on when it comes to improving the design and function of the Fleshlight’s intake/outtake air flow design. There have been several mods made about the endcap – one of the better ideas was to control suction by drilling holes in it! The suction will now not only be controlled manually by screwing the end cap on and off but also automatically with a hole in the back that lets in or out air in a certain way. With a reed valve mod, several holes are drilled into the end cap and a cover is applied that can cover some or all of the holes, thus controlling the air flow much better.

Other ideas on improving the Fleshlight with crafty thinking is to make certain areas of the Fleshlight tighter by using rings around the Fleshlight itself (and not the case). One of the better ideas in this regard was to take the ring inside the Fleshlight case that holds it, and use it as a guide to create a new, tighter ring. This new ring sort of snaps into place inside the Fleshlight case, thus making the area where the ring holds the Fleshlight tighter. Another popular way to make your Fleshlight experience better is to create a hands free mod (imagine that!). Instead of wedging the Fleshlight case in between a mattress or pillow, you can create a stand or object that holds the Fleshlight in place for you better. Some people have literally created sex-dolls using inexpensive materials like wood, velcro and clothing to accomplish the goal of better hands free flying. The Fleshlight company Interactive Life Forms sells hands free devices called the liberator, but these are some what expensive, hence a Fleshlight modification in this area of usage (hands free) is a better option for those with a strapped budget. There are several more easy and advanced Fleshlight modifications for you to explore.

This is just another great reason to buy a Fleshlight, and also something for current Fleshlight users to try for the improvement of their sex toy experience.