Clear Fleshlight Ice

If you are wanting a Clear Fleshlight that allows you to see your penis move in and out of it, then the new Fleshlight Ice is the best Fleshlight Toy to go for.

The reason they came out with the clear Fleshlight is a result of a lot of feedback from guys who wanted to be able to masturbate with the Fleshlight while being able to see how their penis moved through the orifice and into the canal. In a sense it allows you to see what your penis is experiencing (they have yet to come out with a Fleshlight camera or a penis camera that allows you to see what your penis is ‘seeing’). It’s quite kinky for some men to use the clear Fleshlight, almost like masturbating while looking in the mirror.

Here’s a video showing what the clear Fleshlight ice looks like in action:

Clear Fleshlight Case and Texture

The above picture gives you an indication of the clear Fleshlight case along with the brand-new Ice Crystal texture, but the following video really lets you see what it looks like from the inside:

A lot of people (like me) after watching that video were aching to try out the ice crystal texture, so I ordered one. I must say the result was quite unexpected because it is one of the most complex textures ever developed. Ever part of the texture, from entering it to reaching the deeper parts of the canal provides a different sensation on the penis. When you enter there’s this bulb with bumbs that teases you a little bit, then there’s what they call ‘ice sheets’ which are sort of like a mini version of the Wonder Wave which tickles your penis (I suggest moving slowly through this section to really get a feel for how it works, and then speeding up). You then go deeper and start to experience the true intense sensations which they call ‘glaciers’ and work on the most ultra-sensitive parts of your penis (which become more sensitive after using the right lube). Then, if you have a longer penis you reach a more grid-like texture. Of course by now the previous parts of the texture are working on the other parts of your penis. Finally, the tip of your penis, at the very end of the ice crystal texture, there are ribs which rub hard and soft against the tip of your penis.

Quite an orgasmic experience if I don’t say so. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginner users, simply because it is not ‘realistic’ and is more intense than you should start off with, but I would recommend it if you already have a realistic texture, and want to try something different and something with a ‘novelty’ factor.

Just to let you know that you can order the clear Fleshlight Ice in any of the three orifices (lady, mouth and butt), and that they are now offering free shipping on orders over $100 (and all shipping is naturally quite discreet).