Within the last 3 years or so the makers of the Fleshlight (Interactive Life Forms) have been marketing accessories that can enhance the Fleshlight texture.

One such idea was to make an insert (the Fleshlight w/o case) that has snug pockets behind the orifice of the Fleshlight. In each of these holes goes a specially made bullet vibrator that can add some tingle to your tangle if you know what I mean.

Along with the Vibro Fleshlight came a special texture called The Vibro Touch. With each Vibro Fleshlight comes 3 bullet vibrators and a pack of batteries.

Around the same time that the vibrating Fleshlight was introduced came the Fleshlight Motion Mount. This is basically a series of mounting pads that come in different positions – such as Double Dog Dare, Top Dog and Let It Ride. They mimic different sexual positions for an optimal hands-free Fleshlight experience; as a bonus it also comes with a place-holder for your lube. The motion mount was actually made and designed by a company called Liberator.

To properly use the Fleshlight you need a Fleshlight Case. If you have more than one case then it becomes an accessory, There are several colours to choose from.

If you are daring enough you could even try the Aneros G Spot stimulators. You have to really take it careful with this thing. Go slow, use a lot of lube, until you’re ready to hit the G spot for an instant orgasm.

Currently the Fleshlight Vibro Glow Package comes withs an LED lit vibrating bullet that makes it glow in the dark. The colour is, of course, clear and see-through. This limited addition Fleshlight Vibro features the STU texture and can be bought under the Fleshlight or Fleshjack brand of Fleshlights.

There is of course, believe it or not, several Fleshlight modifications that could be considered accessories to the Fleshlight. Take, for example, the hands-free wooden block mod (uses a velcro grip) or the reed valve mods in which the endcap is modified to add a better in/out flow air for the Fleshlight.

There several things that revolve around a Fleshlight. Items such as lube for example are needed, while others are just cosmetic or even usefull. The LED Vibrator Bullet for example would be a useful and cosmetic add on to your Fleshlight.  The Stanima Training Unit comes with a guide on how to build sexual stanima by edging routines. Obviously the Fleshlight has advanced beyond other male masturbators and the makers of the Fleshlight were able to sell several things associated with it.