Get A Fleshlight For Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love. And some people might think it strange that you could associate that with a Fleshlight. Heck, many Fleshlight owners don’t even tell their girlfriends or spouses that they masturbate with it. Right?

Actually times are changing. More and more partners are incorporating the Fleshlight into their sex lives. Why is it acceptable for a woman to use a dildo, but when a man uses the equivalent (and far more effective) version for men, it somehow isn’t deemed suitable? Well the good news is that times are changing.

Women are becoming increasingly receptive to allowing men to incorporate their own sex toys in the bedroom. The Fleshlight can be used when she doesn’t feel like sex, but still wants to pleasure her lover. Or when she’s having her period, or when she has a ‘headache’ (and we’ve all heard that one before). Or when the couple aren’t into swinging or threesomes, but the guy wants to have the experience of fucking a second ‘person’ in the bedroom.

Likewise, many women are starting to realize (although it often takes some open and honest discussion) that men are incredibly horny beasts who need to be pleasured constantly. So when the girlfriend or spouse isn’t available, when she’s at work, on holiday or just out with friends, and he needs to masturbate, she should welcome that he’s using a Fleshlight and not running off to screw the neighbor (or her daughter).

I’m going to do a whole different post on the Fleshlight and Fidelity, so I won’t talk much about it here, but there is a strong likelihood that the Fleshlight prevents cheating, because it allows the man to satisfy his ‘other’ brain and then get on with his normal life, without screwing around. Yes there haven’t been any ‘studies’ on it, but I personally know of men who have said the Fleshlight helps control their desires to sleep with other women besides their wife or girlfriend.

Which leads me to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day for love and romance. And, yes, don’t be shocked, the Fleshlight can be the perfect gift to give to your husband or boyfriend (I know that a fair amount of women visit this site). It can show that you care about his sexual needs, that you care about his fidelity, and most importantly, that you love him enough to let him jack off to the best male sex toy on the market today.