Aneros MGX – Male G-Spot Stimulator


Okay so you think you’re a pretty sexually liberated male? You read up on reviews and did some research, you got your Fleshlight, maybe a cock ring or two and of course you love to watch porn.

If you’re married or have a girlfriend you like to kink things up in bed. You spice things up by having her use that awesome new highly textured Fleshlight on your hot, sweaty cock. She loves to use it on you, and you love it period.

Butt wait a minute…

Does that make you a sexually liberated male? Do you know all the pleasure you are missing out on if you concentrate solely on your penis?

Well let me take that back a bit, there is lots of please to be had from stimulating your penis. BUT (no pun intended) have you ever considerd your anus and male G Spot as a source of intense pleasure? It’s a whole new level of intensity! Don’t be ashamed, you deserve to explore your sexuality as a male! Have you ever noticed how much pleasure those women doing anal porn seem to get when doing thier “job”?

Now I am defintly not saying you should go out and get your ass pounded by some guy just to explore your sexuality. But there is an easier, more private way to unlock your male G Spot. Straight and gay guys alike can work wonders with the Aneros MGX, a product offered by Interactive Life Forms, the makers of the Fleshlight.

How does the Aneros MGX work?

Now, at first, this can seem intimidating. It would hurt to just shove this thing up your ass so you need to go slow and use lots of lube. First clean and douche your ass out to make things more, uh, neat, then apply a liberal amount of lube in and around your anus. Start by putting a condom on your finger or a safe object (safe to put in your butt with out it disappearing!).

And SLOWLY inserting it in until you are comfortable with it inside. Work with objects of lesser size until you are confident you can use a Aneros MGX without pain. There are other articles out there with more details on how to ass train yourself. But bascially once you are anal trained, you can insert the Aneros MGX into your bum with no problem, and about two inches in, this thing is designed to stimulate your G Spot which causes instant, intense orgasms!

That is a brief overview of the anal pleasures you can enjoy with stimulating your male G-Spot, if you have not tried it before, you are missing out on a lot of pleasure! Look at it as a new avenue of male sexuality to explore. Lots of straight guys are doing it and highly recommend you try it to!

The Aneros MGX was specially designed to be inserted a couple inches in and “pressed” (pushed forward) right on your G Spot, which might make you pass out with pleasure and a smile on your face! 🙂 Try it for yourself!

What is the cost of the Aneros MGX?

If you follow this link,  you can currently buy it for a discounted price of $42.46 (it is usually $49.95, so you save over $7.49).