Pure Fleshlight Review

The Pure Fleshlight has just been released for purists who want to experience the core, sensual, and finely-tuned qualities that the Fleshlight has to offer.

The Fleshlight Pure is like a Porsche GT4, all the frills and excesses of it have been taken off, and what remains is a way to quickly and easy get to the inner texture and the great experience of almost-being inside a woman.

You’ll notice that the 0rifice is non-descript and discreet so you won’t have to worry about who’s looking in your cupboard or bedside drawer. However it’s still sexy enough and tight enough for you to slide your penis into easily without any hassle or friction (like some of the tighter orifices around).

The texture feeling is immediate and sudden, it’s not a slower most drawn-out feeling like you may get with some of the more complex textures, and this is especially so that you can feel those Superskin sensations quicker. Think of it as sex without the foreplay.

The inner texture is based on the Superskin sleeve, which has an inner canal with different sized and spaced ribs that work on and around your penis. The sensation on your dick is fast and quick, and the ribs increase throughout the canal to work on all parts of you penis. Believe me the feeling is great.

People have been asking me how much Pure Fleshlight costs, and the launch price of the PURE is $69.99 . Apparently there’s a lot of traction on the product already.