Intensity and the Fleshlight

Before we get started, we would like to remind you this is only an overview of what Fleshlights are generally accepted as “intense”. ‘Intensity’ is, as you can imagine, quite a subjective thing.

The majority of Fleshlights made today come with textures inside of them. Different textures will not feel the same, and it usually always comes down to whether the user wants the most realistic or most intense (or both) Fleshlight texture.

To be blunt, the Stanima Training Unit is probably the most intense Fleshlight that ILF makes, but there are a variety of textures to choose from, each with a different feeling. Some are more intense than others.

Let’s start with the Super Ribbed, one of the first textures made for the Fleshlight. It is an old school texture with a reputation for being intense. This Fleshlight isn’t really a good choice if you have Death Grip Syndrome, intense inserts in general tend to be a little rough on your skin and wouldn’t help you much.

Other intense Fleshlight textures are:

The speed bump: one of the first three Fleshlight textures made. It rivals the super ribbed in intensity but feels a lot different.

The Twista (Fleshlight girls, exclusive to Tera Patrick) is like a WonderWave on steroids.

The Vortex: A strange texture that somehow feels really good.

The Cyclone Fleshlight texture: a newer type of texture, it is actually the same texture as the Twista insert.

Of course opinions on which Fleshlight feels the most intense are varied and can confuse new customers. There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a Fleshlight. What each customer is looking for might be different. Each texture has it’s own unique feeling.

If you just wanted a intense Fleshlight and don’t know what to get, we would recommend either the Stamina Training Unit or Super Ribbed Fleshlights. These are classic textures that satisfy even the most hardcore sex toy addicts, plus the STU comes with a manual that teaches you how to last longer during sex by doing edging routines (coming close to orgasm but not having one).

The Super Ribbed is just an old favorite that has sold well enough to stay in the current line up of textures. If you’re looking for something a little less intense than a STU, the super ribbed is for you.

The last stop on our tour of intense Fleshlights is the Ultra Tight. This a smooth texture and depends on it’s tightness to create intensity. We wouldn’t recommend a Ultratight because it dries lube up fast do to friction, and doesn’t feel realistic enough either.