Fleshlight Cleaner

A lot of people have heard about sex toys, but few know what to do with them. For example, some may have seen porn featuring lube or masturbators that include a cover for the toy, but never really done it because they don’t know how to use one!

That is totally fine until you pick up a vagina for yourself or someone else! Vaginas need your help cleaning themselves after play, just like any other body part!

Some people are reluctant to try using a masturbation sleeve due to the price.Why should I use fleshlight cleaner?

Fuck Czech Pornstar Dominika’s Fleshlight Pussy

This petite blast of Czech sexiness, Dominika, hailing her booty all the way from Prague, is a recent Fleshlight texture addition. 


First of all, I love those tasty pussy lips, look how they invite your cock to slide inside:


Second of all, look at the complex texture on offer here:

Fuck Valentines Special

This only lasts from 1 to 15 February 2017 so rush!

Don’t miss out on Valentine’s without having Fleshlight somewhere in the picture. Roses? Cliched. Champagne? Waste of money. Our friends at Fleshlight are having a Valentine’s special at the moment where you get completely free shipping and special offerings based on the amount you spend. 

Here’s the tiers you can benefit from:

Tier 1: Spend $100 and get 10% off your entire purchase + Free Shipping!
Tier 2: Spend $150 and get 15% off your entire purchase + Free Mystery Sleeve + Free Shipping!
Tier 3: Spend $200 and get 20% off your entire purchase + Free Mystery Sleeve + Free Quickshot + Free Shipping!

Fleshlight Turbo Blowjob Experience

One of the biggest requests of us Fleshlight users is a way to recreate the ultimate blowjob experience in times where you are lacking real lips to smack around your cock and suck you into heaven. And, let’s face it, your girlfriend may not be giving you rock star oral sex anyway (if she does please give me her number). 

This is where the new Fleshlight turbo (buy link) comes in. It brings the pornstar experience into your bedroom without you needing to pay for a pornstar (in fact it’s only $69.95). 

Fleshlight Deals

Our brothers and sisters at Fleshlight have launched a highly recommended section on their site known as Fleshlight Deals.

fleshlight deals

This is a deals landing page that contains packs and bundles that fleshusers find useful, for example the target practice pack, the shower pack, stamina packs, fuck like a pornstar, girls combos and more. 

What’s even better is that this keeps updating to cater for new needs and experiences of the vast universe of masturbators everywhere (which basically means every guy on the planet unless they monks or priests or celibates). 

Alexis Texas Fleshlight Tornado Review


Review by unmasked.

View the Alexis Texas Tornado at Fleshlight.com

Texture Details


The Texas Tornado texture by Fleshlight is Alexis Texas’ signature texture. I find Alexis Texas to be such a beautiful, natural adult entertainer. She has such a girl next door feel about her. She’s the kind of girl you could just get along with personally: it turns me on even more. Well Fleshlight designed the perfect texture to go along with who Alexis Texas is in her movies and interviews.

The Jesse Jane Fleshlight


The Jesse Jane Fleshlight is based on the small bundle of sexiness that is Jesse Jane. It comes in vagina, mouth and butt orifice (or pussy, blowjob and anal for those less posh), and you can cum in all three if you want.

Jesse Jane Fleshlight: The Vagina


Jesse Jane’s pussy lips are quite complex (probably one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen when moulded into a Fleshlight orifice) and as you can see the hole is fairly tight as well. These lips are so tasty that it makes you want to lick them, but that’s probably not advisable (unless Fleshlight somehow come out with Fleshlight products that taste like their pornstars).

The Jenna Haze Fleshlight

jenna haze fleshlight

The Jenna Haze Fleshlight. Yum, yum, yummer.

So Jenna Haze, as you probably know, is an American pornstar who has won many AVN awards for her sterling pornographic performances, and has appeared in over 500 adult films, as has even directed 15 films of her own. Quite accomplished. And she’s only in her early 30’s. I follow her on Instagram, where she posts regular pics of hotness.

But you’ve already wanked to her more times than you can count, so you’re here to learn about the Jenna Haze Fleshlight products, which are available in three orifices: vagina, mouth and butt, as well as textures: Vagina: Lotus, Maze and the popular Mini-Lotus, Mouth: Swallow and Butt: Forbidden. Oh yeah.

Fleshlight Commercials


So, I thought I’d do a lighter post, and have a look at some (safe for work, sadly) Fleshlight Commercials.

Fleshlight Flight

Here’s a swanky, sexy and safe (way too safe) Fleshlight Commercial of the Flight:

Stamina Training (with Riley Steele)

This is one of the hotter safe Fleshlight commercials out there, featuring a ridiculously hot Riley Steele in a tight gym-outfit. She is the ultimate fantasy of gym-goers everywhere. We’re always hoping to find ourselves (by chance or by design) next to a tight little number on the treadmill, bicycle or weight apparatus. The commercial features a very average Joe finding himself next to this goddess, and trying to compete with her. It’s sort of like a metaphor for fucking her in the bedroom done in a more acceptable way, or something like that.

Raven Riley Fleshlight


I know you’ve arrived here to get more details about the Raven Riley Fleshlight. In fact, over the past few months, I’ve had lots of enquiries about it, especially after this video came out (warning: NSFW!):

I’m very sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but the Raven Riley Fleshlight has been discontinued! It is no more (sad face).