Fleshlight Advice

Are Fleshlights Worth It?

I’m often asked the simple, but important, question: Are Fleshlights Worth It? As with most things in life, the answer is…it depends. I’ll try to be as objective as possible in answering whether Fleshlights are worth it. Fleshlights ARE worth it if… 1. You aren’t getting as much sex as you would like The Fleshlight... Read More »

The Ultimate Pocket Pussy For You

If you’re looking for the most realistic feeling, best selling, and highest quality pocket pussy you can afford, you are going to want a Fleshlight. These pocket pussies have been around for longer than virtually any other male sex toy,  and are highly praised by new and returning customers. What Is The Fleshlight Pocket Pussy... Read More »

Get A Fleshlight For Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love. And some people might think it strange that you could associate that with a Fleshlight. Heck, many Fleshlight owners don’t even tell their girlfriends or spouses that they masturbate with it. Right? Actually times are changing. More and more partners are incorporating the Fleshlight into their sex lives. Why... Read More »

Clear Fleshlight Ice

If you are wanting a Clear Fleshlight that allows you to see your penis move in and out of it, then the new Fleshlight Ice is the best Fleshlight Toy to go for. The reason they came out with the clear Fleshlight is a result of a lot of feedback from guys who wanted to... Read More »

Alien Fleshlight Orifice

Some people are asking about the Alien Fleshlight Orifice, how it compares to other fleshlight orifices, and what some users’ impressions and feedback have been from using it. Here’s a picture of what the Alien Fleshlight Orifice looks like from the front: As you can see the orifice has a unique and unusual look to... Read More »

Fleshlight Homemade Lube Recipe

If you have a Fleshlight, you’re going to need lube to go with it. You can’t use a Fleshlight without lube. It doesn’t get ‘wet’ like a horny girlfriend, so you need to make it wet! You basically have two Fleshlight lube options: Fleshlube You can get one of the three types of lube for... Read More »

Build Your Own Fleshlight Offer

Fleshlight have recently made it possible for you to build your own fleshlight, based on your personal and individual preferences. It’s a really fantastic feature for newbie and experienced fleshlight users alike, since it allows you to completely customize your own fleshlight to your own needs. (See our special discount offer below). If you already... Read More »

Original Pink Lady

The Pink Lady Fleshlight is one of the original Fleshlight colours and orifices made available by Interactive Life Forms, starting in 1995. While the line up of the very first Fleshlights all came in the Original Lady texture, ILF decided to drop several colour designs from the line up due to poor sales. The Pink... Read More »

Heating the fleshlight

Interested in buying a Fleshlight? Already own one? Want to spice up your experience? Well this article is for you. There are many aspects about the Fleshlight you can use to improve your experience. To start with, warming your Fleshlight adds a much more realistic dimension to using one than if it was just at... Read More »

Fleshlight modifications

New and veteran Fleshlight fans and users alike will be amazed at the quality and design features of the Fleshlight and its case. But there is always room for improvement, and the Fleshlight is no exception. There are many ways to modify the Fleshlight so as to improve on the design and your use and... Read More »

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