Fleshlight Vortex Review

Review by nightrider

Before I get to my review of the Fleshlight Vortex, I’d like to provide some context. My first Fleshlight was the Pink Lady Original, and I suspect that’s true for most other guys. And no denying, it felt awesome…nestling the head of my dick between the fleshy softness of its fake molded pussy lips and penetrating a canal that engulfed and caressed my entire shaft as my balls mashed against its outer mound.

However, the Pink Lady vaginal canal is a bit on the loose side, and it’s perfectly smooth and straight with an industrial precision that just ain’t lady-like. Although my cock felt great inside it, the Pink Lady soon taught me to appreciate the versatile potential of my hand as a really terrific sex toy.

So, I found myself getting it on with the Pink Lady less and less. Eventually I thought I’d sample some of Fleshlight’s other sleeves. Some were nicer than others, but all of them were such an improvement over the loose, textureless, bland Pink Lady Original that I never went back to it.

Of the sleeves I got, my favorite was easily the Fleshlight Vortex. The spiraling zig-zag bumped ridges in the Fleshlight Vortex solved the Pink Lady’s “smooth” problem, and its alternating tight and wide sections solved the “loose/straight” problem.

One important tip, though: The Fleshlight Vortex ridges and tight passages might be rough going if you’re not heavily lubed up. On some longer sessions, I’ve had to add more lube later too. So be nice to your cock and make sure your lube is well-stocked.

Personally, if I’m stroking or thrusting really hard and fast, I tend to not really feel much difference between most of the different Fleshlight textures. The point where I especially grew to appreciate the Vortex was when I took it extremely slow. And when I say slow, I’m talking about taking maybe 30-60 seconds to slide my schlong from point of entry to the point where my balls won’t let me push my pole in any deeper.

I do speed up eventually, but there’s a big payoff to meditating on how the ridged textures move around your shaft and how the wider and tighter sections squeeze and release your hard-on as you move through. Possibly my favorite feature of the Fleshlight Vortex is what happens when the head of my dick “pops through” into one of the wider sections. The wider cavities are sized perfectly to wrap around my knob to cradle it to provide unusual stimulation all around the head and the corona of my glans.

I have average-sized manhood (about six inches) and I can feel one initial wider section upon entry and then two more as I move through. With balls-deep penetration, I can feel the tip of my penis pressed against the far edge of the end of the last wide cavity. And when I climax, my cum blasts out of my balls past that edge into the outer reaches of the Fleshlight Vortex. And, unlike the Pink Lady Original, I never get tired of that.

Buy Link: Vortex on Fleshlight.com