Stamina Training Unit

The Stamina Training Unit, or “STU” for short, is one of the most intense Fleshlight textures that Interactive Life Forms (the creators of the Fleshlight) make.

While some people buy this Fleshlight just for its intensity, the STU is marketed as a sexual stamina training tool. The idea is that you use this Fleshlight in conjunction with a masturbation schedule and “edging”.

Basically what this means is that you switch between using the STU non stop for 5 minutes than spend 2 minutes edging which means coming close to an orgasm but not having one. This will help you control when you want to have an orgasm.

The longer you can last non-stop in the STU, the more sexual stamina you have, including the ability to ejaculate on command.

Besides helping people gain more sexual stamina, the STU can also be used to help cure premature ejaculation. The way to do this is basically the same as you would do to train sexual stamina.

Some people say the STU seems to “come to life” when they are having an orgasm. For every action there is a reaction. This is because the STU’s texture is made up of round bumps that have some space in between them. When you have an orgasm your penis pushes these bumps in all directions and the bumps in turn push back. It feels really good.

If you buy a Stamina Training Unit from Fleshlight you will get a manual on how to use it for sexual stamina training. As of Feburary 2010, the Stamina Training Unit is sold with a gold case that is unique to this product.

There are other intense Fleshlight textures that ILF makes but ILF claims that the STU is the most intense and pleasurable texture they can sell. If you can last 15 minutes in this Fleshlight, you can last 15 minutes anywhere!

This is definitely the best way to help you last longer in bed. How else would you train sexual stamina other than actually having sex? A female partner would probably not be willing to work with you on these routines but when she is willing to have sex you will be ready to give it to her real good. The STU experience is just as intense as real sex, maybe even more intense.

So if you are interested in a good way to learn how to last longer during sex, the STU is the perfect thing to get for that purpose. The training manual that comes with the STU is very helpful and easy to understand. Even if you aren’t looking to train your sex stamina you might still want to buy one just because of how good it feels.