Are Fleshlights Worth It?

I’m often asked the simple, but important, question: Are Fleshlights Worth It?

As with most things in life, the answer is…it depends.

I’ll try to be as objective as possible in answering whether Fleshlights are worth it.

Fleshlights ARE worth it if…

1. You aren’t getting as much sex as you would like

The Fleshlight basically is a male sex toy that replicates and, in many cases, improves upon, the experience of having sex. Whenever you feel like it. Without having to leave the house.

2. You want to improve your stamina

The famous Stamina Training Unit has helped tens of thousands of men last longer before ejaculation. It gives you the confidence you need to get inside her pussy and cum when you want to.

3. You like to fuck pornstars

If you haven’t heard of Fleshlight Girls, I suggest you crawl outside of your cave and get one. Basically, you can fuck exact replicas of the pussies, asses and mouths of a growing list of incredibly hot pornstars. Need I say more?

4. You are kinky (and your girlfriend isn’t, or you don’t have one)

Have you heard of Fleshlight Freaks? You can now get the Fleshlight Drac, Fleshlight Alien, Zombie and more. Weird shit, but fucking kinky. Or try the many Fleshlight butt and anal textures that are available.

 5. You want to experience unreal sex

I’ve said above that Fleshlight can be better than having real sex. Sometimes people want something completely different. Well there are a number of textures available for the Fleshlight that will give you sensations that you would never be able to get in real life.

6. You want to enhance your real life sex

It can be really sexy if you include the Fleshlight sex toy in the bedroom with your girlfriend, boyfriend or wife. They can masturbate you with you. It’s hot, trust me.

Fleshlights are NOT worth it if…

1. You’re fucking more babes than you can count

And you can’t remember their names. And sometimes two or three hotties pitch up at your house at the same time and, poor you, you have to threesomes or foursomes just to get rid of them. You have no time to keep your pants on. If this is the case then it is definitely not worth getting a Fleshlight.

2. You are asexual

Hmmm then you probably won’t be masturbating. And since the Fleshlight is a masturbation tool, we probably can’t help you out there. Sorry.

3 . You prefer wasting money on hookers

A Fleshlight is much cheaper, and can last much longer than a hooker. And it is much safer, believe me.

4.  You never have time to masturbate

You know how it can be, work, gym, hairdresser appointments, telephone calls, etc. No time to masturbate. Hmm then you probably won’t be using your Fleshlight much.