Heating the fleshlight

Interested in buying a Fleshlight? Already own one? Want to spice up your experience? Well this article is for you. There are many aspects about the Fleshlight you can use to improve your experience.

To start with, warming your Fleshlight adds a much more realistic dimension to using one than if it was just at room temperature. To improve the heating process of the Fleshlight you can change the routine of just leaving it in a pool of hot water for 10 minutes or so. First off, you could plan ahead of time and put the Fleshlight in warm water for 10 minutes at a time and then change the water to refresh the warmth. The more you can heat the inner core the Fleshlight the longer it will stay warm.

I like to place the Fleshlight in a pan or bowl and let hot water pour over the Fleshlight and drain into the sink or bathtub in a continuous manner. This keeps the warmth of the water fresh, so you can heat the Fleshlight faster without changing the water. I would also recommend placing your lube into the water to warm it up as well. This provides a fresh squirt of warmth every time you re-apply lube.

Some people have also suggested the idea of using a warming blanket, set on medium or medium-low for about two hours. Wrap the Fleshlight in the blanket and leave it there until warmed from the inside out. This provides a much longer duration, for which the Fleshlight stays warm. Be careful and make sure your Fleshlight does not overheat. You don’t want to burn your penis!. Also keep in mind that friction from your penis rubbing against the Fleshlight’s inner texture will help keep the warmth going due to (obviously) friction.

Make sure to properly heat your Fleshlight before use for the best experience. Depending on how you warm your Fleshlight it should stay warm on its own for about 10 minutes and at least luke-warm for much longer due to (again) friction. It is NOT a good idea to use the microwave or boiling water to warm the Fleshlight up. While the Fleshlight can handle a lot of heat, you don’t want to over heat it and cause a painful burning sensation when entering the Fleshlight (or if you like hot dogs go ahead and try over heating…).

Another cool aspect of warming the Fleshlight (no pun intended) and using it heated is the fact that your own penis will be warmed up, and during sex with a partner (and a Fleshlight) your warmed penis will provide a pleasurable sensation when entering the vagina (or other bodily orifices of your choice).

This has been an overview of warming the Fleshlight, which is an important process in making the most realistic and pleasurable Fleshlight experience possible. All this talk about vaginal warmth has me horny! Well I gotta go! Have fun and happy warm-Flying!