Build Your Own Fleshlight Offer

Fleshlight have recently made it possible for you to build your own fleshlight, based on your personal and individual preferences. It’s a really fantastic feature for newbie and experienced fleshlight users alike, since it allows you to completely customize your own fleshlight to your own needs. (See our special discount offer below).

If you already have a fleshlight, and want to change something about it or enhance a particular feature, you could also use the build your own fleshlight feature to do just that. Alternatively, if you have a particular need for a certain texture or orifice, or just want a whole new experience, then customizing the fleshlight is a great idea.

The build your own fleshlight procedure is very simple. It’s a three step process.

1. Choose Your Own Outer Casing

Firstly you get the option to decide the color of the outer casing. You get to choose between black, clear, silver and blue. Many people like the classic black look for the outer casing, but for a change you may want the clear ‘ice’ look or the stand-out blue. My personal favorite is actually the silver because it looks quite elegant and different from the rest.

Here’s what the different outer casing colors look like, and what you’ll see on the site:

2. Decide upon an orifice

The next step is to choose an orifice. There are four options to choose from: lady (which is the female vagina), mouth, butt, and stealth which looks non-descript (in case there may be prying eyes in your household).

3. Choose a texture

The third and final step is to choose from one of the seven texture options. This is where it gets interesting. Every fleshlight texture gives you a different sensation. You’ll see that the first three don’t have a specific inner texture but vary in terms of tightness. The next four offer completely different sensations in terms of intensity and realism. Some, like the speed bump are incredibly intense, and others like the vortex are very kinky and offer a very unique feeling.

So as you can see, you have thousands of potential ways to build your own fleshlight.

Special Build Your Own Fleshlight Offer

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