Fleshlight Cleaner

A lot of people have heard about sex toys, but few know what to do with them. For example, some may have seen porn featuring lube or masturbators that include a cover for the toy, but never really done it because they don’t know how to use one! That is totally fine until you pick... Read More »

Fleshlight Turbo Blowjob Experience

One of the biggest requests of us Fleshlight users is a way to recreate the ultimate blowjob experience in times where you are lacking real lips to smack around your cock and suck you into heaven. And, let’s face it, your girlfriend may not be giving you rock star oral sex anyway (if she does please... Read More »

Are Fleshlights Worth It?

I’m often asked the simple, but important, question: Are Fleshlights Worth It? As with most things in life, the answer is…it depends. I’ll try to be as objective as possible in answering whether Fleshlights are worth it. Fleshlights ARE worth it if… 1. You aren’t getting as much sex as you would like The Fleshlight... Read More »

Eufrat Mai Fleshlight

Eufrat Mai is a hot Czech pornstar. Eufrat. who also goes by the names (Eufrat Tenka, Jenna Hall and Jana Potyšová) is quite famous in Europe and gaining popularity in the US. She’s got natural boobs (32C), is 1.75m tall and weights 121 lb. This blue-eyed brunette has now offered her pussy to be immortalized... Read More »

Teagan Presley Fleshlight Review

Don’t you just love bad-ass babes with tattoos and a naughty expression on their face, inviting you with their eyes to fuck? Don’t you love it even more when they get their pussy (and ass and mouth) replicated into a sex toy that you can make hard love to whenever you wish? I’m talking about... Read More »

Fleshlight Shower Mount Review

So basically the Fleshlight Shower Mount is for guys who like to have sex in the shower, and want to recreate or simulate the experience. Simple as that. You like the feeling of fucking some babe while hot (or cold) water is pouring down onto your dick and her pussy. In short, sex in the... Read More »