Alien Fleshlight Orifice

Some people are asking about the Alien Fleshlight Orifice, how it compares to other fleshlight orifices, and what some users’ impressions and feedback have been from using it.

Here’s a picture of what the Alien Fleshlight Orifice looks like from the front:

As you can see the orifice has a unique and unusual look to it, that is quite different from the other orifices on offer. It is closest in appearance to the pink lady (the regular vagina orifice), but the pearlescent blue changes the entire quality to it in a way that’s difficult to describe. Some people don’t like the color, but the majority of people appreciate the novelty factor of an orifice in blue, and are always keen to try something different.

From my experience, the Alien Fleshlight orifice is relatively loose and wide compared to other orifices. So it’s more like a woman in her 30s than an 18 year old (but I know you’re into MILFs so it should be fine 😉 ). This looseness and broadness of course has pros and cons, and it to some extent depends upon the size of your penis as well as the subjective experience you are looking for. The pros are that it is very easy to slide your thick penis into and through alien fleshlight orifice, even though you’re still going to need lube (they haven’t yet invented a Fleshlight that gets hot and wet for you by itself, but don’t worry that’s cuming). You can also slide your dick into it quite far down the canal, farther than some of the other orifices on offer. This is because it is not as puffed up as some of the other orifices available, and your member reaches the complex Alien texture sooner. Some people have also said that they like the idea of not struggling to get through the orifice. Since the alien orifice is relatively wide, it is a great option for using hands free once you have secured it in a hands free mount or something homemade.

The cons are quite subjective. Like I said some people just don’t like using an orifice that doesn’t look like a vagina or a butt in color, and see this blue as a turn off. But that’s a very personal thing and it depends what you’re into. Also some do not like the easiness of getting through the alien fleshlight orifice, and would prefer something a bit tougher and rougher. Again it depends on you.

So all in all I think the reaction to the alien orifice has been fairly good.