Fleshlight Blade Review

Fleshlight Blade Price

The Fleshlight Blade is a newer product offered by Interactive Life Forms. It is a very unique Fleshlight, running about $50, which means it will take a smaller slice out of your pocket than other higher priced Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Blade Texture

The Fleshlight Blade has a unique texture and case. The case is awesome looking and beautiful. It was designed to be squeezed, making it possible to now control the tightness of your insert from the outside, manually. You can grip your cock to the desired tightness, kind of like using your hand. The case looks like the hilt of a sword, and the front cap displays the words “Blade”.

This bad ass insert is elongated and is more oval shaped. It will fit on your cock just nicely. Within a couple inches of tight insertion space (good for normal cocks, bigger ones might want to skip this and get an original texture), you hit the texture which feels like the inner canal of a woman’s vagina, or the roof of her mouth. It’s kind of like a super ribbed but with bigger ridges.

Fleshlight Blade Combo Deals

After thrusting in and out you can distinctly feel the canals and channels of this Fleshlight, especially when gripping the case tighter around your cock. The crevices, nooks and ridges all plop onto your cock and stroke it with samurai sex like feeling. The base cost of this Fleshlight is $51.00, with $22.00 you can get the Hustler “This Ain’t Conan” XXX Parody porn DVD with your samurai Fleshlight Blade, an excellent addition to your slicy dicy kinky jerk off sections. An alternative offer is The Fleshlight Blade with 4 oz of specially designed Fleshlube Water Based Lubricant, for $61.00.But why not go for it all? For $91.00 you can get the Fleshlight Blade with the This Ain’t Conan XXX Parody CD, 4 oz. FleshLube and Fleshlight Sterilizing agent with Fleshlight Powdering dust, to help you keep your samurai equipment in excellent shape. Check these out at the Fleshlight website.

Squeezable Case

With all of the great deals from Fleshlight makers Interactive Life Forms, how can you go wrong? This Fleshlight offers a unique new dimension of useability never before seen: Namely it’s squeezable Fleshlight Case and Insert. But also the shape, design, size and texture of the inner insert. All combined makes for a sharply pleasurable, cut you to the bone intensity and dimensions that wasn’t previously offered. The case is dark golden, with a oval triangle like shape. It is easy to handle and is one of the best Fleshlights that go with Fleshlube, because of the texture and you can squeeze it to let the juices wrap around your cock. This makes this Fleshlight one of the best choices to go along with using it on a guy. Have your wife use it on you and get an awesome hand-job. Ladies, satisfy your husband like a ninja! The Blade Fleshlight kinks up any routine sexual activity, a lone or with your favorite guy. Imagine it, buy it and be happy.

As always. happy FLying everyone!