How could you use the Fleshlight without lube? The answer is you can’t. So you are going to need to get some lubricant.

To add a new plethora of items associated with the Fleshlight we need only to add the several lubes that the Fleshlight can be packaged with, as well as the option to make your own custom lube. Please note that oil based lubricant should never be used on your Fleshlight as oil will degrade the material over time.

In the past the Fleshlight makers have only sold lubes made by different companies, but as of recently the Fleshlight now has its own brand of lubes called ‘FleshLube’.

The 3 kinds of the FleshLube include regular, fire and ice. The ice lube kind of feels like menthol on your member, while the fire lube has a warming sensation. If you buy from a Fleshlight distributor you may see many other types of lube like ID Glide, Wet, AstroGlide, Boy butter, Gun Oil and even a freezable type of lube that comes in cubes. It’s also interesting to note that the Boy Butter brand of lube comes in a tub and not a bottle.

You probably want to know which lube is the best right? Well that is very subjective, but based on our experience with users of the Fleshlight, we could say Gun Oil and Butter boy seem to be good choices.

There is also an option of making your own lube. You would need some xanthan gum, water and a preservative. For some extra slickness you can add aloe vera and glycerin to the mix. This mixture is by far the cheapest and best lube we have ever tried and it’s a popular choice for many Fleshlight users. You only need a very very tiny amount of Xanthan Gum to make a reasonable supply of lube. We would recommend at least trying it.

While you are warming your lube to use with your Fleshlight, you can also put lube in with the heated water in order to get a nice warm squirt of lube. This, for some reason, makes the experience seem more realistic.

The only down side to having to use Lube with the Fleshlight is having to stop and relube to go at it again. This is why the Ultra Tight insert is a bad idea, it rubs lube off too quickly and leads to frequent refills. Other inserts on the other hand are good at holding lube, like the Stamina Training Unit or Lotus texture. So it would obviously be a good idea to find a lube that lasts for a while so you don’t need to re apply lube your Fleshlight. A Xanthan Gum mixture of homemade lube is probably one of the longest lasting lubes we’ve ever seen.