Increase Confidence With The Stamina Training Unit

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit has been specially designed to help you perform longer in bed. Whether you already have a girlfriend and you want to increase your stamina with her (and thereby ensure you give her more orgasms), have regular sex with women but find that you cum too quickly, or just want to improve your performance for the next time you have sex with a woman, the Stamina Training Unit is a very useful product to have at arm’s length (no pun intended).

I’ll briefly tell you my story with the Stamina Training Unit. Personally I’ve found that the STU has increased my confidence in having sex with women. And that is probably the most important benefit of the product. Because if you had the confidence, you would last longer. They don’t really sell the STU as a ‘confidence booster’, and market it more as a stamina booster, but in fact the confidence it can give you not only in bed, but in your dealings with women, far outweights its cost. I’ll explain why below.

When I went to college and started having sex (being a late boomer), I didn’t last long with women. I could masturbate for long without cumming, but when a woman got involved, things changed. Sometimes I even came during foreplay or while I was getting a blow job. And that was a major turn off for women.

So that’s actually how I found out about Stamina Training Unit (and about Fleshlight toys actually). There was (and still is) a lot of pills and drugs offering increased stamina (including creams that desensitize your penis and all that garbage), but I really didn’t want to go down that route. I wanted something ‘natural’, and I wanted to still fell my dick and the inside of the babe when having sex!

I then ordered the STU, had it shipped to my college dorm, and (when my roommate was out) I started pounding away at it, while watching porn (of course!). The first few times it’s so intense that I just found myself cumming very quickly. It feels like you are inside one of these pornstars, I can’t actually describe the kind of sensations you initially get from this little tube of wonder.

But I kept at it over a few weeks (don’t think you’re going to get better overnight, but it doesn’t take that long either), masturbating quite a lot with the stamina training unit (hey I was horny), and I got better, and started being able to actually ‘decide’ when I was going to cum. I actually felt like a ejaculation Jedi (don’t hold it against me that I’m a Star Wars fan), and I could mentally control my ejaculation.

I actually started to think that if I could control my ejaculations, then I could feel less nervous and more confident around women. And I wanted to sort of ‘test’ this out in real life. So not that long after the ‘big’ day came (again no pun intended) when I was at a dorm party one evening. I met this cute chick with a very nice body (apparently she recognized me from my English lit class), and I somehow knew that I was going to screw her that night. Not sure if this had anything to do with my newfound Jedi skills, or whether I had too much to drink. But it probably was an increase of confidence.

So we found ourselves back at my room, kissing passionately, and then hitting my scrawny little bed. She pulled off my pants and started sucking the hell out of me. Probably one of the best blowjobs I ever had because I didn‘t cum. All clothes then came off and I had the best sex of my life (up to that point). I lasted probably three or four times longer than usual, although it must be said the Jedi ejaculation trick didn’t work (that took a bit more training).

Since then, after continued use with the Fleshlight STU, I am able to cum on command with a woman, which means that they are sure to get a number of orgasms, and you can sort of time yours to coincide or spur on theirs. And I’ve found women wanting more, because I can now last longer than men they’ve been with before, and also I suppose ooze off a kind of confidence in bed.

So that’s my story.

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