The Nexus and the Fleshlight

fleshlight and the nexus

The Fleshlight caters to various kinky avenues of pleasure. It has products appealing to many niches, from the gay sex market to the world of Internet porn actresses. There is even a line up of products called “sex in a can“. Half novelty and half pleasure, “sex in a can” is a miniature version of the Fleshlight. It is more stealthy and tighter than the parent versions of the Fleshlight, so you can keep it secret as well as derive great pleasure out of it. Sex in a can comes in a variety of textures and orifices, as well as different can designs.

For those exploring the wild side of sex and masturbation, the Fleshlight offers several choice of products. Which one you want to choose depends upon your requirements and turn-ons. After doing your research and finding the best Fleshlight(s) for your desires, you may be wondering what other toys work well with the Fleshlight.First off, when it comes to sex toys, the Fleshlight offers the best in male masturbation products. On its own, it’s a glorified (and rightly so) pocket pussy that has come to dominate the market with its innovative textures and designs.

Other products that complement the Fleshlight are, for example, the Nexus prostate stimulators. These Nexus products are not just for the gay sex thrill seekers. Plenty of straight males will find that stimulating the prostate with butt play can be a whole new area of pleasure they have never felt before. Stimulating the prostate can cause intense orgasms. For some of the best orgasms you can ever have, I recommend using a Fleshlight with a intense texture along with the Nexus.

You will want to work slowly with your Nexus product before hitting your male G Spot. The male G Spot is located about 3 inches in the rectum, and when using an object to probe this area you will want to curve the object inward (the object will curve towards your frontal body). I wouldn’t recommend sticking the Nexus in your bum until you have worked your anus into a relaxed state to where you are comfortable with objects of this size fitting into your rectum. First off, clean the inside of your rectum using a douche. Then use a condom and wrap it around your fingers. Apply a generous amount of lube on the condom and into your rectum. Slowly ease your middle and index finger in your anus and relax. Try to feel your anus giving way and becoming some what loose. Take your time. Eventually, after comfortably being able to stroke the inside of your rectum with your fingers, try using the Nexus. Use a smaller Nexus for your first time. Work your way into your rectum and up towards the Male G Spot. Once you hit this area, watch out! The orgasm will be instant and very intense.

Now for the kinky bastards out there, using a Fleshlight with an intense texture to get you off before using a Nexus to stimulate your prostate will be one of ultimate sexual experiences! Good luck and happy anal play.