Realism and the Fleshlight

To any newcomer that is interested in buying a Fleshlight, the options he has can be overwhelming.

Not only are there several orifices and textures to choose from but the new user must also consider what he wants out of the Fleshlight. The most realism? The most intense? Maybe you’re looking for a Fleshlight that doesn’t even look like a sex toy (for optimal discreetness).

Let’s start with realism. The Fleshlight is made with a patented material called real feel super skin. This material has been praised by many Fleshlight customers as the most realistic male sex toy they have ever tried.

When choosing a Fleshlight for realism you don’t have to worry about what it’s actually made of. There are some Fleshlights that are commonly said to feel the most realistic out of all the choices you have.

Let’s start with the WonderWave, an old school Fleshlight texture that is very newcomer friendly. It is a super tight insert combined with Wonder Wave rings. A good choice if you don’t know what to get. It offers realism and a mellow texture. The rings inside this Fleshlight may make it seem like it’s not realistic feeling but once you’re in it you’ll know why. Usually we recommend this Fleshlight if you don’t all ready have one, and this is your first purchase.

Next up we have the Original Fleshlight, the one that started it all. This Fleshlight’s texture is smooth and the least tight. The Original Fleshlight is a good choice for males with larger penises. Some customers claim the Stamina Training Unit is both a very intense and realistic Fleshlight. It is used more for intensity than realism.

The super tight Fleshlight texture is smooth like the Original Fleshlight but tighter. A relevant comparison would be the feeling / tightness of an 18-25 year old female. It is a good Fleshlight but it’s not textured, which to some might make it seem boring to use.

Now we have to consider the Fleshlight Girl’s exclusive texture: The Lotus. It was specifically made to feel like the inside of the vagina. Both the texture and orifice look and feel very much like the real thing. This Fleshlight would be our recommendation if you’re looking for the most realistic Fleshlight to use.

This has been a good general overview of what you want to look for when wanting a realistic feeling Fleshlight. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.