The Stoya Destroya Texture


The Destroya Texture is a special and exclusive texture designed for pornstar Stoya. It is only available on the Stoya Fleshlight Girls product, and it comes with a free subscription to Digital Playground, so it’s quite a good offer.

The Destroya Texture is very complex – when you enter there’s three rings of bumps. As you move further down there’s what looks like little buds 360 degrees around that tickle your penis into quite an awesome pleasurable feeling. But there’s more – the next section has teeth and fang like objects that pull at your penis gently to create a very kinky pleasure that you probably haven’t felt before. At the end are rows of bumps that massage the front regions of your penis. Trust me you’re going to orgasm with the Destroya Texture because it’s impossible to get this kind of sensation in reality.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s a video of the Destroya Texture:

The Destroya Texture also ships with 2lb of gun lube, as well as a postcard of Stoya.