Sexy Fleshlight Videos

Fleshlight have produced some very hot and sexy Fleshlight videos. Some of them feature incredibly hot babes playing with themselves and the sex toy, and other fleshlight videos show what it looks like when men slide their cock in and out of one of the fleshlight products. These movies will certainly turn you on.

You may want to watch these with a fleshlight, or at least get inspired to do so. The word ‘fleshturbate’ is means to masturbate with a fleshlight.

Each thumbnail will take you to a page with videos of that particular model and some fleshlight products.

Fleshlight video featuring a sexy brunette playing with herself and the fleshlight:

Fleshlight video featuring hot blonde playing with a Fleshlight Ice and a Pink Dildo

Blonde playing with herself and the sex toy

Lingerie And The Fleshlight

Fleshlight video: Hot Babe Shows Off The Orifice (as well as her own)

This sexy blonde shows off her own sexy body alongside one of the many Fleshlight orifices you can      choose from

Lesbian Group sex with the Fleshlight

Video of a babe showering with the male sex toy

A lot of people who watch these fleshlight videos are encouraged to make their own videos of themselves playing with the male masturbator, or with their girlfriends or wives. It’s quite a fun and kinky thing to do, and some men and women get turned on by replaying these vids and watching them over again. I’ve done some movies of myself and the stamina training unit, which helps me keep track of how long I’m able to last with it. Because it is a sex toy, many people have brought it into the bedrooms during sex with their ‘real’ partners, and made sex tapes out of the whole experience. It’s just another way you can experience pleasure and fun with this product.

But not everyone’s into that kind of thing, and some just get a kick out of watching the videos above with their own product in their hands.