Vibrating Fleshlight

If you’re looking to enhance your Fleshlight experience, then getting a vibrating Fleshlight is the next level up towards increasing the feelings of intensity and heightened sensation while masturbating . Fleshlight have introduced vibrating Fleshlight models that are similar to other Fleshlight superskin orifices and textures in every way except that they have a special vibrating feature. The company have also produced two special textures for the vibrating Fleshlight that are specially designed to amplify the vibrating sensation on your penis.

The way the vibrating Fleshlight works is that it has custom holsters inside the Fleshlight sleeve that is on the opposite side of the orifice:

The idea is to place what they call ‘bullets’ into those holsters to create the vibro movements. This is what the Fleshlight bullets look like:

Depending on the level of intensity you want to create, you can add up to three of the Fleshlight bullets into the holsters at one time. I would suggest starting with one bullet, and enjoying that for a while before you move onto two or three. Otherwise you’ll get too comfortable with the high intensity option too quickly.

Once you switch the bullets on with a button, you place the sleeve back into the case and get moving!

The two specially designed vibro textures that you can use are:

Vibro Touch Texture

The Fleshlight Vibro touch texture has concentric rows of what you could call ‘fingers’ which create a tingling sensation on your penis when the vibro bullets are switched on. It feels like a lot of soft tingling movements which is pretty orgasmic if you ask me.

The Vibro Cyclone Texture

The cylone texture has rings that spiral and get tighter and more intense the deeper your penis goes through the texture. In movement the different thicknesses thrust and tussle on your penis as if it is moving through many soft layers of skin that rubs against it in different ways.

You can also get the Fleshlight Vibro in the original texture if you don’t want the special textures working on your member.

Fleshlight Vibro Orifices

On the Fleshlight Vibro landing page you’ll see that you can choose between the Butt and Pink Lady orifices for your Fleshlight Vibro model. There are six options in total that combine the different orifices and textures to give you what you want.

Each model comes with 3 Vibro Bullets, and a pack of 10 batteries to use.

Fleshlight Vibro Accessories

Vibro Bullets

You are also able to buy the Fleshlight Bullets separately, if for some reason you lost a bullet or you want new ones. The battery pack is also available to buy separately if need be.

Vibrating Fleshlight Video

Here’s a video summing all the above up and showing a demo of the Vibrating Fleshlight: