Fleshlight and your wife

One question I get asked a lot by married men is how can they can introduce a fleshlight into their sex life? These men may have a wife who wouldn’t, for some reason, be immediately accepting of a male using a sex toy in the bedroom. On the flip side, however, I find a lot of women are actually buying Fleshlights for their men for several reasons.

Usually just as a gift of love, the Fleshlight is given to satisfy those urges that a woman isn’t always able or available to help with. You won’t have to hear the old “I have a headache” routine when you ask the Fleshlight for sex! Another reason women get the Fleshlight for men is for use during sex play as a kinky new sextoy, introduced in the bedroom as a gift to induce fun and pleasure. Both the man and woman now have an acceptable sex toy that allows them to enjoy mutual masturbation like never before!

Other women, however, might be wondering why their man needs a sex toy, and thus may need some convincing. First off, assure them you aren’t a pervert! You don’t want your wife to think that you and the Fleshlight will become a problem, and her own sex life will take a dive due to you wanting something “more sexually satisfying”. Tell her that sex with her will not only be the same, but better than before. It’s a fun new toy to introduce to the bedroom romp. You will probably have a genuine excuse like you need more sex for whatever reasons, and she might agree that for whatever reasons you need to be more sexually satisfied.

For the more conservative women out there, you will want to explain to them that you want to be more open about your sexuality before you tell her about owning the Fleshlight. A good idea would be to show her what the Fleshlight actually is. Bring her to this website, it’s not only designed for men! You will want to explain how the Fleshlight is so much higher quality than other sextoys on the market. You will want her to notice the Fleshlight is the number #1 selling male sex toy in the world, made from a new patented material called real feel superskin. The novel idea of the Fleshlight being in a case with a lid might also make her more open to the idea. You can easily clean and dry this sex toy, and that will assure her that it is sanitary to use. If you have children you will also want to talk about hiding the Fleshlight and when it’s appropriate to use one. Make sure the Fleshlight and its accessories like lube will be kept hidden.

The Fleshlight should bring a new aspect into your sex life and relationship. A new dialogue of discussion and openness could be introduced with the idea of owning a Fleshlight. Talk it over with your spouse, and improve the sex and honesty in your relationship!