Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture

Fleshlight have just released their latest Fleshlight texture known as the Ice Crystal texture. What’s special about it is that both the sleeve as well as the case is see-through, which makes it quite kinky and erotic seeing your penis move through it and in and out.

All the new Fleshlight textures provide quite a rich and complex experience, because they have different what you may call ‘chambers’ where your penis moves through. And the Ice Crystal is no exception, but is one of the most complex textures yet developed and sent to market. At each point, from entering in the orifice to moving through each section, you are going to feel some different kind of action on your penis created by that point in the texture.

Of course as you move through the Fleshlight Ice Crystal sleeve you won’t have isolated experiences of the texture working on your penis, but you’ll feel different sensations combining where the whole orgasmic experience is better than each individual part. This is why some people (rightly in my opinion) argue that the Fleshlight is better than the real thing, because there’s no way that the real thing can be as intense and complex in so many different ways and areas working on your penis.

Here’s a very useful diagram of the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Texture so you can get a sense of what I’m talking about here:

As you can see from the diagram it’s quite extreme. Added to this, as I said above, is the ability to actually see your penis through it, which is very erotic. Part of the reason why this product was developed is because some men miss the ability to see their penis when they masturbate. So the ice crystal texture achieves this while giving you an episode that’s better than you’ll ever get masturbating.

If you really want to see the inside of this ice crystal, then this video should do it for you.

Although actually trying it for yourself is the best option, and you get the Fleshlight Ice at this link.