Liberate your sexuality with the fleshlight

After owning a Fleshlight for so many years, I feel compelled to talk about my experiences. I have found that the barrier between males talking honestly and openly about their sexuality can often be blocked by our egos or the ego of others. While it’s commonly accepted that males have a high sex drive, it can be hard to talk about masturbation using a sex toy. I usually find that once I break the ice and start talking about owning a Fleshlight, other males become more accepting of the idea. It’s much easier to talk about owning a male sex toy when you have a Fleshlight.

These products that Interactive Life Forms make are of a higher quality than most other sex toys. The novelty of the Fleshlight and how it works will help break the ice. Once the initial “shock” of presenting others with the idea of owning a Fleshlight wears off, I find other males begin warming up to the idea and start thinking about trying one. It’s actually hard for a lot of men to turn down the idea of trying a Fleshlight. It just looks and feels so realistic (and is definitely a better option than your hand!). After breaking the ice with a discussion of male sex toys and male sexuality, I feel more liberated about owning a Fleshlight. I feel like it needs to be more socially acceptable, and in fact it is becoming more accepted as time goes on.

The male sex toy market was once a dirty, dingy line up of weird and crude products that can make you cringe more so than cum. That all changed when the Fleshlight was introduced. Finally a high quality and novel sex toy for men that will rival what the vibrator is to women! Speaking of women, I find most of them who aren’t overly conservative will also warm up to the idea of owning a Fleshlight. Hell, most of them own a big old vibrator or dildo themselves, so it would be kind of hypocritical to tell you it’s wrong to own a Fleshlight!

For those of us who aren’t single, the Fleshlight offers a unique way to enjoy some new kinky play in the bedroom. Women love using it on men and men love it used on them! Hell, a lot of people say the Fleshlight feels BETTER than the real thing. This might make some women jealous, but that’s a feeling they need to get over with. I think women have the ultimate pleasure organ, the clitoris, and they will rub the hell out of it during sex or masturbation.

The textures of the Fleshlight are designed to mimic the realism of the real thing, and produce intense pleasures. So, if you are considering buying a Fleshlight, you will have the confidence of being part of a new generation of sex toy users: those who are liberated from the dirty past of unflattering male sex toys and can enjoy a male sex toy that rivals the vibrator.