Video Inside The Stamina Training Unit

This almost 3D video shows you what your penis ‘sees’ as it moves inside the famous Stamina Training Unit (or STU). The Stamina Training Unit is designed to increase your stamina and performance in the bedroom. They help you with building stronger erections, make you last longer whilst enjoying yourself with your women, and give you the confidence to be able to perform and reach orgasm when you want to (trust me, a guy who can control his orgasms is a win with many women – since you can let her orgasm a few times before you do). If you can last with the STU then you can last in real life, because it has been designed for maximum intensity and feeling on your penis that thrusts in and out of it.

This is the first time these kinds of inside the Fleshlight videos have been released, and hopefully should give you a better idea of what the Stamina Training Unit actually looks like from the inside:

It is naturally difficult to imagine what this feels like without actually trying it, but I hope this video helps you to make a decision whether the STU is a suitable product for your needs.